Takenoko (Kids Under 8)

Come in to the fun!

Where do you want to be? Outside looking in or on the mat having fun?

Takenoko – Under age 8:

Named for the fast growing, strong, and flexible bamboo shoots.  Most of the kids in this class are 6 or under, but we do have a few older kids. We work with all parents (you know your kids best) to evaluate the readiness of each individual child for classes.

This class is 30 minutes twice a week and focuses on teaching our youngest students motor skills, agility, coordination, and balance though martial skills and games.  This is based primarily on Kodokan or Olympic sport judo.

The program also incorporates strong components of discipline, focus, confidence, respect, and other life skills like courtesy, listening, and leadership.  After all isn’t that what we all really want for our kids?

This is the perfect class for our younger students, those with a shorter attention span, and those still working of motor skills and coordination.  Promotions are based primarily on attendance, attitude, and in class effort with some basic skills.  While this group does not do formal testing, we hold a demonstration class at the end of each session along with promotions. There are no promotion or testing fees, but occasionally students will receive a new belt rather than stripes.  Belts cost is about $10.  Individual students may be promoted or moved into the 6-12 class at a younger age or mid-session as their skills and readiness develops.

Classes run in 10 week sessions with a short break between sessions to give parents and kids a chance to relax and regroup.  We take a slightly longer summer and winter holiday break to allow for family vacations and activities.  Students may join at any point in the session at a prorated fee.  Classes are limited to 8 students.

The Shinzenkan Takenoko are an active and fun group.  Here are some pictures of the current group hard at play.

Most photos by Erin Hamerdinger, December 2011

Chukyusha- Intermediate Class (6-9):

Literally named “Intermediate students”.  This class just started to fill the needs of our students.  It includes beginners who are old enough but maybe not quite ready for the Kenji class, and Younger students with a bit more experience and rank.  Still very fun and play oriented, this class focuses more on judo skills and game based drills for their 45 minute class.

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