Myoshinkan Karate

We are pleased to be able to provide training in Myoshinkan Karate lead by Dora Diebel, yondan.  Diebel-renshi has been training nearly 25 years in a number of karate and other martial arts systems.

On 1 February 2016 Gramling-Kyoshi founded Myoshinkan Sogo Budo Renmei, the governing organization for Myoshinkan Sogo Budo, and Myoshinkan Karate-Do.  Gramling Kyoshi studied a version of Yoshukai Karate for twenty years, and upon creating his own organization renamed that collection of kata Myoshinkan Karate-Do.

Gramling Kyoshi started training in Karate in 1996 during his first year in the United States military. He has been very fortunate to find very senior teachers to learn from along the way. He is now retired from the military and continues to train in Karate and other Japanese arts. He now seeks to teach these arts in a manner that encourages comparative analysis of styles and methods in order to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding and practice.  He does so through the Hombu Dojo and through his instructors and their dojo.



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