Adult Training

Shinzenkan Dojo offers an array of training opportunities for adult students.  Adults in our dojo can include students as young as 13.  Occasionally, younger students may be allowed to join adult classes if they demonstrate the required maturity and readiness.  All students under the age of 18 must have a parent’s permission and a parent must visit class with them prior to enrollment.


Juudai – age 12-17

This is a supplemental class for teens training with the Kenji or adult jujutsu classes. While a majority of the students will be at least 13 and training in adult classes, Kenji students from age 11 may be invited to this group.

Juudai means teenagers.  This class is designed to give teens a time to practice with other teens and discuss issues they face as teens, high school students, and martial artists. Teens may choose to focus on competition, street-clothes self-defense, or other interests decided by the group and as individuals.  This also serves to help students transition from Kenji to adult classes. For more details check here – Juudai


Jujutsu & Aiki Jujutsu

Shinzenkan is dedicated to the training and study of the traditional martial arts of jujutsu and aikijujutsu.  We seek to keep alive and pass on the traditions and techniques of the Japanese fighting arts that have endured for centuries before us.

Our first and foremost focus of Shinzenkan is to teach these traditional arts to those adults and teens looking for the means to defend themselves in a dangerous world.  This program is taught as practical, real-world self-defense.  There are no rules, there is no competition.

To this end, we teach Yamagawa Bujutsu Renmei Aikijujutsu.  This can be translated as the “Mountain river martial arts training”. Yamagawa Aikijujutsu is a very flexible style that encompasses both hard (Mountain) and soft (river) style techniques that are effectively used by students of all body types, sizes, and abilities.  It does not require physical strength, flexibility, high kicking, or jumping.  For more details check out this page – Jujutsu.


Conditioning  it’s HEROIC


This class started when a few students began joining sensei in her off-day workouts.  The class is offered at no additional charge to students and parents of students who are looking for an additional workout.  HEROIC incorporates elements of interval training, kickboxing , calisthenics, and resistance training in an ever changing array of sweat inducing fun. Do you have what it takes to be a Hero?


H – High Intensity.   Full – out, hard work; but adaptable to each individual’s training level.

E – Endurance.  Lots of cardio. Short rest means building endurance!

R – Resistance.  Strength training with primarily body weight exercises.

O – Optimization. An optimized workout including core, upper, and lower body.

I – Interval Training. High Intensity work intervals with short rest intervals equals great training.

C – Core. Everything goes back to core.  You must have a strong core to be fit and healthy.

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