Welcome to the Digital Shinzenkan Dojo.  This area is for members of the dojo and their parents.

The digital dojo is a place for information and learning.  It is not and never will be a complete, finished entity.  It is by design a constantly evolving, changing, growing, and improving place.  This is your dojo just as much as the physical dojo is yours.  Use it to ask questions, keep a journal, learn new things, or review old skills.

Here is what I hope to create for our digital dojo:

  • Areas for each of our age groups and parents.
  • Videos and photos of waza (techniques) & kata.
  • Digital handbooks.
  • A vocabulary list and practice quizzes.
  • Forums for questions & answers.
  • Individual blog space for each student.
  • Regular news updates and links to our Twitter and Facebook.

What would be an ideal addition to your digital dojo?

Got mad computer skills?
Want to help me with this project? 
I am definitely in need of some help creating and maintaining our new Digital Shinzenkan Dojo.

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