Big Brothers / Big Sisters – K’oni Friendship Project


K’oni Friendship Project

The K’oni Friendship project was designed to allow youth in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, Youth on the BB/BS  waiting list, and their mentors a chance to enjoy free training.  Uniforms have been generously provided by Bostater Realty and all training programs are free including: 


  • Takenoko (under 8 class)
  • Chukyusha (6-9) Intermediates
  • Kenji (6-12 class)
  • Juudai (teen Class),
  • Adult Aikijujutsu/Jujutsu classes (ages 13 and up)
  • The Honors Program
  • The Leadership program
  • Competition Judo classes for adults and kids.


Who Can Join?

So who can join these classes?  Bigs, Littles and wait-listed youth are all eligible.

  • All students on the waiting list.
  • All Littles may join youth free.
  • All Bigs may join adult classes free.
  • Parents may join adult classes free of charge.


What’s the Catch?

No Catch.  We saw a need and decided to try and fill it.  If there is a catch, it is that we are offering it for free.  That means a lot of parents, Bigs, and Littles will see the classes as having no value and not commit to attending regularly.

There are some limitations.

While I would love to serve everyone without limits, my time and dojo space is limited.

  • Students have to get to the dojo on their own via parents, Bigs, carpools, or other means.
  • Youth have no testing fees but colored youth belts are not included -yet.  (We are working on getting a sponsor for belts.) Parents will have to purchase belts at $5-10 depending on the current cost.
  • Adult testing fees are not included, but some scholarships are available.
  • Wait listed students may participate as long as they are on the list.
  • Littles may participate for free as long as there is available space. If space is limited,
    • Littles new to training (less than two sessions) have first priority.
    • Littles training along with their Bigs are next in priority.
    • Those Littles who have been training for three or more sessions may train as space is available after paying students.
  • Bigs may attend 3 months of adult class free.
    • They may continue attending free as long as space is available and/or their Little attends.
    • Discounted & scholarship classes are available for mentors beyond who are not covered above.
  • Due to time and space constraints, we are limited to twenty training pairs of Bigs and Littles at any one time.  They will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No student is ever turned away due to inability to pay – EVER. Talk to us and we will work something out.

No Student is ever denied training

due to inability to pay.

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