Welcome to Shinzenkan Dojo

Shinzenkan Dojo is dedicated to the training and study of traditional Japanese martial arts.  We seek to keep alive and pass on the traditions and techniques of the Japanese arts that have endured for centuries before us.

While we obviously spend a great deal of time training in martial arts, we recognize two important facts:

There is a lot more to the martial arts than kicking, punching, throwing, and grappling.

There is more to LIFE than martial arts.


We are striving to teach more than punching and throwing.  We believe self-defense as a whole MUST include healthy diet and fitness, bully prevention, positive self-image, environmental self-defense, education & literacy, community involvement, and leadership.  We work diligently to incorporate these areas in to our curricula for all age groups.

Feel free to brows around.  Fill out a contact form for more information or give us a call.  Visitors are always welcome, drop-by, walk-in, or call for an appointment.


Come try out class for a week – Free, on us, no strings.

See what all the fun is about.

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